Electric car charging kit

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The Growatt THOR series represents the forefront of electric vehicle charging technology. These smart chargers are designed to efficiently power up electric vehicles using sophisticated, professional technology, making them essential additions to any charging station, whether at home, in community parking lots, or in corporate settings.

We can also offer you Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Panels. Sinlge-phase stations, three-phase systems or autonomous isolated installations, as well as provide you with a custom solution to fit your conditions, contact us

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Explore the Advanced Growatt THOR Electric Car Charger

Comprehensive Features of the Growatt THOR Series Electric Car Chargers

  • User-Friendly Interface: Chargers in the THOR series feature a straightforward and accessible interface with functionalities that include control, billing, and comprehensive communication options. This intuitive interface enhances user interaction, ensuring a seamless charging experience.
  • Robust Connectivity and Remote Management: Equipped with multiple connectivity options such as wired Ethernet, WIFI, and 4G, THOR series chargers maintain a stable connection to back-office servers. Users can effortlessly manage reservation schedules and handle payments via a user-friendly mobile application.
  • Solar Energy Utilization: THOR series chargers dynamically integrate solar energy, engineered to work with both newly installed and existing photovoltaic systems, promoting solar self-consumption and supporting sustainable energy use.
  • Extensive Compatibility with Electric Vehicles: Designed to accommodate a wide range of electric vehicle models from top manufacturers such as Tesla, Nissan, Renault, BMW, BYD, and Hyundai, these chargers ensure broad compatibility and advanced charging technology benefits for most electric vehicle owners.
  • Intelligent Monitoring via Mobile and Web Apps: Monitor the charging process through the ShinePhone app or growatt.com. The digital display provides instant feedback on the charging status, showing whether the battery is fully charged, still charging, or if any issues have arisen. It also features an emergency stop signal for added safety.
  • High Environmental Adaptability: With an IP65 protection rating, THOR series chargers are built to withstand both indoor and outdoor environments, offering durability and resilience against various weather conditions.
  1. Emergency Stop Button
  2. Logo and Logo Lighting
  3. ON/OFF Button
  4. Status Indicator (the indicator flashes when charging)
  5. Power Socket (socket support for wired version)
  6. LCD Screen
  7. Electronic Card
  8. Plate
  9. Mounting Bracket
  10. WIFI/4G Antenna
  11. Side Window
  12. Waterproof Cable Gland for Wired Communication
  13. Waterproof Cable Gland for AC Input Cables

Technical Data Sheet for single-phase and for three-phase