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IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”) ensures that all our products meet technical specifications and quality standards.

IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”) provides a warranty for a period of 15 years on vacuum tubes, 2* years on storage tanks and 1** year on all other products, components and installation (subject to installation by our specialists). The warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery of the goods to the buyer.

* magnesium anode must be changed every year to cover the warranty of storage tanks. In the event that you are not the person responsible for the change, you must submit a confirmed invoice to the company on the specified date, not exceeding one and a half year between the change of each anode.

** any new products or parts installed by You should not have any defects that prevent them from normal operation. Comply with the terms of use, installation and maintenance.

If at any time during the term of this warranty the product does not function properly as a result of defects, IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”) shall depending on the defect, replace or repair the defective product.
* in both cases, the upgraded hardware assumes the warranty expiration date for your first hardware. Replaced products will belong to IberSunWind, S. L.(”ENERA”)

The above warranties IberSunWind, S. L. (”ENERA”) are minimal and universal for all products. IberSunWind, S. L. (”ENERA”) reserves the right to offer extensions of these warranties that are appropriate to the different characteristics of the products, region or destination. In this case, these warranty extensions should be described in a separate document.
Warranties are Provided by IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”) subject to the General terms and conditions set forth herein.
* the warranty applies only to equipment IberSunWind, S. L. (”ENERA”), provided that the equipment has been installed by our company or by an authorized professional installer in accordance with Real Decreto 1967/2008, an authorized installer provided by Ministerio de Industria or a certified solar systems equipment installer approved by Consejería Autonómica de Industria.

* warranties are Provided by IberSunWind, S. L. (”ENERA”), provided that the equipment has been installed in accordance with the rules and regulations for each type of installation applicable at the installation site.

Warranty rights may be claimed during the term of the guarantee established in each case, immediately upon detection, if it is invisible defects claim must be declared in the form of a violation of operating modes of the equipment.

Warranty rights are not granted if damage, malfunction or non-functionality of Solar thermal products that occurred in the following cases:
Accidents, mobile use, negligent or improper use, improper or improper use.
Due to improper installation, not in accordance with the instructions for installation or use, misuse or exposure (impacts, etc.) or malfunction of the installation safety elements.

Changes to installation or improper installation or work performed by a non-licensed specialized company in accordance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

Damage caused by pressure values, test or operation exceeding those specified in the technical documentation, or by use of water with composition values exceeding:
200 mg / l calcium carbonate<
50 mg / l free carbon dioxide<
pH from minimum 5 to a maximum of 12
in connection with freezing, flooding, pests, acts of third parties or any other causes not related to the normal operating conditions of the products.

Due to corrosion caused by the concentration of chlorides and/or water-soluble salts, more than 150 milligrams per litre.
Against galvanic corrosion due to direct connection, without dielectric bushings, metal elements other than the tank material, in any connection with it in accordance with the rules. Due to corrosion in the battery caused by the deposition of copper particles from cold water intake pipes and/or return if they are copper. By the formation of limes of salts, slags or any other type of dirt in the tank and/or heating coils or corrosion derived therefrom. Due to corrosion of the steel shell, in the double wall of the tanks.
Inadequate elements not provided for in the relevant instructions or regulations.

Without installed protection system, conditions of chloride concentration more than 150 milligrams per litre or in tanks, with copper elements for recirculation of hot water.

In the case of a cathodic protection system in the tank, the guarantee is strictly dependent on the operation of the cathodic protection of the equipment in accordance with the attached installation and use instructions.

to cover the guarantees of storage tanks, it is necessary to change the magnesium anode every year. The person responsible for the replacement must provide a paid invoice on a date not exceeding 13 months between each anode replacement.

If the products do not have a serial number or cannot be identified.
shall not be considered as defects, as having the right to warranty claim, aspects related to the aesthetics of the product, except when they represent a deterioration of its operation or the rules specified in the technical documentation IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”).

The warranty rights set forth herein do not cover the shipping costs of defective products resulting from the return to IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”) and the subsequent shipment of a new product. It does not cover the costs of intervention related to the disassembly of defective products, as well as the costs of subsequent reinstallation of spare parts. All other costs, such as time spent on replacement work, depreciation of vehicles and tools, availability of additional tools, cranes or lifting systems used for dismantling and subsequent Assembly, in particular. The customer agrees and accepts these terms and conditions at the time of purchase, thereby taking responsibility as a specific contract between the parties.

IberSunWind, S. L. (”ENERA”) reserves the right to supply a different product model to meet accepted warranty requirements as a replacement in case the original model is discontinued.

Any customer or user of the ENERA brand products that are considered to be valid reasons for obtaining the warranty rights set out in this document must act as follows:

Inform the company that sold you the products Immediately and in writing. The communication shall be accompanied by a copy of the justification for the purchase of the goods to be claimed as at the date of purchase.

Upon receipt of such claim, IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”), through the after-sales service Department, conducts an analysis to determine its eligibility, in accordance with the provisions of this warranty document, and informs the customer, and provides instructions to be followed. Return of goods subject to the claim cannot be made without the prior written permission of the after-sales service Department IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”)

IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”), reserves the right to investigate, whatever the aspects that may be important for the optimal resolution of the claim, and the customer agrees not to change the installation conditions that led to the claim, without prior written consent.

Any disputes directly or indirectly arising in connection with these or other matters shall be referred to the court of Alicante with any waiver of any other disputes.

IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”) shall not be liable to the customer, directly or indirectly, for any breach or delay in the performance of its warranty obligations that may be caused by force majeure or any other unforeseen incident not related to the will IberSunWind, S. L. (“ENERA”).

Responsibility IberSunWind, S. L. (”ENERA”), is limited to the obligations described above in the amount of the invoice paid by the customer in the form of the purchase of the product. In doing so, expressly excluding any liability for consequential damages such as loss of data, loss of profits or profits, etc., unless this is contrary to applicable law.

These warranty limitations apply provided they are not inconsistent with the legal provisions applicable to each country with respect to liability for proceeds. If that circumstance is a waiver of any of the above provisions, the invalidity affects only that particular provision, while retaining the rest of the provisions.

* Any other warranty rights not mentioned herein are excluded.

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