ENERA Pool – Solar Water Heating Solution for Public Pools

Complex equipment for heating swimming pools. Allows you to maintain the temperature of the water in the pool 23-26 degrees from late March to early November.

All systems for heating water in the pools are assembled on the basis of the ENERA solar collector with hit pipes of 24 pieces each, a heat exchanger (or its analogue), a pump station and a programmer for operating modes of the SR81 system. The heat exchanger consists of stainless steel plates, which guarantees 100% protection of the pool heating system from corrosion. Installation of the system does not require the invitation of a professional specialist and can be done independently. All the difficulty consists only in installing the heat exchanger in the circuit of the pool filtration system.

The maximum effect of using the ENERA-Pool system will be achieved if the pool is covered with a blanket overnight, especially in the coldest months. For areas with low insolation, we recommend increasing the number of solar collectors by one. The service life of the pool heating system is at least 30 years. The payback of the system, if we take alternative heat sources as a basis, such as gas stoves or heat pumps, will not exceed 3 years.




  • Sunlight concentrators make the efficiency doubly increased.
  • Fast assembly CPC concentrators are more easily installation and transport.
  • 360-degree sunlight absorber, hot water in cloudy.
  • Overheating protection just disassembly the CPC concentrators in summer.
  • Temperature startup is faster than the normal solar thermal collectors.
  • Applicable for the industry heating.
  • More thermal production based on the same aperture area.
  • EN12975/Solar Keymark.

CPC Reflector

  • Maximum performance at minimum dimensions. The absorber is bigger than the gross surface area. Three-dimensionally 360 degree shaped absorbers for the greatest possible energy collecting surface, utilized up to most of the diffuse and direct radiation from morning to evening.
  • The power output is higher than 50% compared to the normal solar collectors. Smaller installation area but equal to the same power output.
  • Patented fast assembly CPC, flaky sheet, more convenient for the installation and transportation.

Installation Manuals

For private and public pools.

Allows you to maintain the temperature of the water in the pool 23-26 degrees from late March to early November.