Super autonomous isolated house (Without Grid Connection)

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An autonomous solar power system is being built to supply electricity where there is no industrial network. It directs the generated solar energy to power consumers, and stores the excess in batteries. In the dark, all power supply is carried out from batteries.


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  • Our self-consumption installation can be started with the inverter, the panels and accumulation in batteries. The energy that the panels have provided in hours of sunlight, we will have it stored so that we can use it at another time. We can gradually add modules to suit our needs without making a large initial investment.
  • The Voltronic Power 8000W 48V Voltronic MAX Inverter Charger is an all-in-one model. It’s developed for usage in remote locations with high-demanding applications that require more power. This inverter can be used with any type of 48V battery.
  • The 8000W 48V Voltronic MAX Inverter Charger can function with a high voltage photovoltaic field, simplifying the connection, increasing efficiency, and reducing losses due to high current. It is possible to link up to two sets of 4000W panels using this feature. It can handle up to 8000W of panel power in total, with the extra benefit of operating with open circuit voltages up to 500V and a wide MPPT range of 90 to 450V. This provides us the ability to distribute any type of solar panel that we connect in a cost-effective and diverse manner.
  • The wattmeter can also be added externally in case the inverter is installed far from the connection.

Make your home future-proof.

We install photovoltaic panels all around Spain and Europe. Have a glance at our projects here.

Tensite Solar Monocrystalline PERC Module

The Solar Panel 500W Tensite Monocrystalline PERC is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for solar energy generation. Leveraging PERC technology and monocrystalline silicon cells, this panel outperforms conventional models in capturing solar energy.

It seamlessly works with both PWM and MPPT regulators, with MPPT recommended for maximizing energy production. The panel is designed with hollow aluminum edges, enabling efficient energy capture from all surfaces.

Notable specifications include a Voltage at Maximum Power of 38.35V, Current at Maximum Power of 13.04A, Open Circuit Voltage of 45.55V, Short Circuit Current of 13.93A, and an impressive module efficiency of 21.05%. Elevate your photovoltaic system with the Solar Panel 500W Tensite Monocrystalline PERC.

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Pylontech US2000B Plus 48V 2.4kWh Lithium Battery

The Pylontech US2000 48V 2.4kWh Lithium Battery is an advanced Lithium Ion Phosphate accumulator that allows us to have an accumulator of Lithium technology at a very competitive price and with very attractive technical characteristics. Up to 40 units can be installed in parallel through a hub to offer greater energy accumulation.

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8000W Inverter Charger 48V Voltronic MAX

Inverter charger with pure sine wave output power of 8000W in single phase. It can function with both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 48V. It incorporates a dual high voltage MPPT charge regulator that can sustain photovoltaic power of up to 8000W. (2x4000W). It can make long series with any type of solar panel and has a working range of 90 to 450V. The device has Wifi connectivity for monitoring inverter operation via a mobile application, as well as RS485, CAN-BUS, and RS232 communications. It is a gadget that can be paralleled with up to six additional units to increase power.

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Weidmuller PV Stick Connectors

They are a type of connector that does not require any tools to be able to assemble it with the cable, they are very useful since they have compatibility with the connectors that the vast majority of solar panels carry as standard, the MC4 connectors. We only have to strip the cable approximately 1.5cm and insert it through the hole of the connector.

Once introduced, we must strongly press the connector with the cable inwards until a click is heard. At this time we will know that the connector has been properly installed because if we pull the cable it will no longer come out. The cables compatible with the Weidmuller PV Stick connector are from 4mm2 to 10mm2.

Structure on Metal Cover KH915

The structure on metal roof that we offer in the kit is special to be fixed on any coplanar surface, be it in an industrial warehouse or private home that has a sloping roof. The structure has all the certificates and load regulations. The orientation of the roof must be south to avoid losses. The structure includes an assembly manual for the structure as well as all the necessary hardware to anchor the solar panels to it. In the event that another type of structure is required on facades or on the ground, contact us to be able to offer it.

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Power Generator

The SC8000iY Inverter generator is a generator with Inverter technology from the manufacturer Senci with a maximum power of 8000W. It is an efficient and highly reliable generator that has an easy and automatic start. It can also be started electrically with a key or manually with a rope to be able to continue using it in case of battery failure. They are ideal for construction, industry, domestic, agricultural applications and anywhere a high quality generator is required.

It has a manual pull start and an automatic stabilization start function, a silent bodywork that allows the equipment to be moved in an extremely comfortable way and a low noise level.

Thanks to its powerful 4-stroke engine, we can obtain maximum performance and autonomy while obtaining a stable voltage. To offer greater safety during use, it has protection against overload and overcurrent.

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Be in Charge of Your System 24/7

When installed, you are able to see real-time information of your system and its productivity, as well as consumption over time.