Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Panels (Grid Connection single-phase meter) Tensite

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In Growatt self-consumption systems, the MIN range corresponds to hybrid inverter models that work as a classic grid connection inverter that also has the possibility of accumulating surplus photovoltaic production in Growatt ARK batteries.

You can have a system that directly contributes the energy produced by solar panels to electricity consumption in real time. If the production is higher than the consumption, energy will be used to charge the battery so that it can contribute at times of low production or at night. Growatt’s MIN and MOD series of grid-connected inverters have single-phase and three-phase options, although both series now work with high-voltage batteries and come with a BMS for communication between the inverter and each battery module. It is an economical installation, given the characteristics that such an installation can provide us.

We can also offer you three-phase systems or autonomous isolated installations, as well as provide you with a custom solution to fit your conditions, contact us


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  • Our self-consumption system utilizes hybrid inverters and panels. It can be expanded with batteries for energy storage. The Growatt systems offer scalability, allowing gradual additions to meet our needs without a large upfront investment.
  • The Growatt inverter remains connected to the grid, prioritizing energy consumption from the panels. It features an EPS emergency power function during grid failures, requiring a complementing contactor.
  • With this system, we can reduce bills by primarily using solar energy and the battery if desired. Users won’t notice a difference whether energy sources are combined or solely solar-powered.
  • Payback time may increase with battery costs or without storage. However, the high number of battery life cycles and minimal maintenance make them profitable. An hourly tariff is advisable for optimizing energy costs during non-solar hours.
  • The Growatt MIN range offers three-phase models from 3000W to 6000W. It provides performance monitoring via the manufacturer’s app and web portal. Photovoltaic kits include all necessary components.

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Tensite Solar Monocrystalline PERC Module

The Solar Panel 500W Tensite Monocrystalline PERC is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for solar energy generation. Leveraging PERC technology and monocrystalline silicon cells, this panel outperforms conventional models in capturing solar energy.

It seamlessly works with both PWM and MPPT regulators, with MPPT recommended for maximizing energy production. The panel is designed with hollow aluminum edges, enabling efficient energy capture from all surfaces.

Notable specifications include a Voltage at Maximum Power of 38.35V, Current at Maximum Power of 13.04A, Open Circuit Voltage of 45.55V, Short Circuit Current of 13.93A, and an impressive module efficiency of 21.05%. Elevate your photovoltaic system with the Solar Panel 500W Tensite Monocrystalline PERC.

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Growatt ARK 2.5H-A1 Lithium Battery

This high voltage battery module is suitable for self-consumption Growatt systems that use the battery for surplus storage. This lithium accumulator provides a long service life and can be supplemented with more 2.56kWh modules to increase the capacity of our battery bank. With an extensive warranty and more than 6000 cycles of use, the Growatt ARK batteries for self-consumption are a reliable and durable bet for our solar installation. It comes bundled with the Growatt ARK BMS.

The Growatt ARK BDC 95045-A1 Lithium Battery BMS controller is suitable for use in an ARK XH system, compatible with Growatt MIN-XH and MOD-XH inverters. It communicates with the inverter and manages charging and discharging of connected modules.

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Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH

The Growatt MIN-XH series inverter is a single-phase voltage generator designed for self-consumption. With its high-quality craftsmanship and affordable pricing, it offers a cost-effective solution for photovoltaic systems. These grid-connected inverters convert solar panel power into usable electricity for residential applications. They produce a single voltage output suitable for connection to single-phase grids with phase and neutral. The primary purpose is to supply homes with solar-generated energy.

Notably, the MIN-XH series features two autonomous MPPT charge controllers, providing flexibility in solar module design and installation. With the ability to handle high voltage, it allows for panel configurations with different electrical characteristics or orientations. Despite its range of possibilities, the inverter maintains a compact and versatile design, making it suitable for installation in various locations while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

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