Self-Consumption Photovoltaic Panels (Grid Connection) without Battery

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This is a direct solar self-consumption system, aimed at private homes and all kinds of single-phase installations. With these components, we can generate electricity to feed the consumption in real-time that we have connected. They are systems that pay off very well within the solar energy sector, for which it is recommended that there be consumption in daylight hours, which together with their low acquisition cost, we will recover the investment of the photovoltaic system.

It does not require maintenance on any of its components and the average duration of these facilities is more than 20 years, with a 5-year warranty on the inverter and 25 on the photovoltaic production.


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Photovoltaic Panel Installation Process

Kit Component Details

ESPSC Monocrystalline Solar Module
The 400W monocrystalline solar panel ERA is a 24V model and 72 PERC type cells. With 25 years of power guarantee, it offers the best performance on the market thanks to monocrystalline silicon cells and PERC type. It belongs to the family of 24V panels, although given the high power it provides, it is advisable to use MPPT regulators respecting the recommended series and groupings. This solar panel is the most powerful and that best behaviour for all radiation conditions, even for high-temperature thanks to its PERC technology. Thanks to having the same size as the 330W models, we can have much more capacity to capture energy with the same occupied space. It is able to provide about 2000Wh per day on average in our solar installation, taking into account that production will be substantially higher in summer than in winter. Includes 90 cm of wiring for each pole with MC4 connectors at its ends. This photovoltaic module comes with an assembled aluminium frame ready to be attached to any structure.


5000W Growatt inverter for grid connection
It is a single-phase grid connection inverter from one of the world’s largest inverter manufacturers, which works directly with the energy created by solar panels to inject it into our electrical installation. Thanks to its operation and its adjusted price, it will help us reduce our billing to the electricity company and quickly amortize the investment.

The inverter is capable of providing up to 5000W with enough photovoltaic radiation and has two internal MPPTs that are responsible for getting the most out of the panels that we connect to it. Some followers that start at a very low voltage to have a very wide working range. Perfect for residential installations and with the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty.


Eastron SDM230 Modbus Wattmeter
It is a single-phase energy meter that can be configured to dynamically control the power required by our installation and thanks to this we can configure the inverter to discharge or not the surplus of solar production, in case we produce more energy than we consume. It also acts as an energy meter and sends consumption information to the inverter.

Thanks to this, in the inverter manufacturer’s web portal or in its mobile app, we will be able to see a comparison of the energy we require and that which we are capable of generating with our photovoltaic panels in the home or industrial warehouse. Thanks to this, we will be able to adjust to the hours of greatest production and make the most of our solar grid connection kit. This single-phase model is compatible with single-phase inverters from various manufacturers.

Conectores Weidmuller PVStick
They are a type of connector that does not require any tools to be able to assemble it with the cable, they are very useful since they have compatibility with the connectors that the vast majority of solar panels carry as standard, the MC4 connectors. We only have to strip the cable approximately 1.5cm and insert it through the hole of the connector.

Once introduced, we must strongly press the connector with the cable inwards until a click is heard. At this time we will know that the connector has been properly installed because if we pull the cable it will no longer come out. The cables compatible with the Weidmuller PV Stick connector are from 4mm2 to 10mm2.

Structure on Metal Cover KH915
The structure on metal roof that we offer in the kit is special to be fixed on any coplanar surface, be it in an industrial warehouse or private home that has a sloping roof. The structure has all the certificates and load regulations. The orientation of the roof must be south to avoid losses. The structure includes an assembly manual for the structure as well as all the necessary hardware to anchor the solar panels to it. In the event that another type of structure is required on facades or on the ground, contact us to be able to offer it.


Be in Charge of Your System 24/7
When installed, you are able to see real-time information of your system and its productivity, as well as consumption over time.

Additional information

What Power do you need?

1.6 kW – save up to €43/month on electricity, 2.4 kW – save up to €65/month on electricity, 3.2 kW – save up to €86/month on electricity, 4 kW – save up to €108/month on electricity, 4.8 kW – save up to €130/month on electricity, 5.6 kW – save up to €151/month on electricity, 6.4 kW – save up to €173/month on electricity, 7.2 kW – save up to €194/month on electricity