ENERA X – Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating Split System

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Solar thermal energy collection equipment with forced circulation operation, with 200-1000 liters accumulation tank and solar colector EneraCS with vacuum tubes type HEAT PIPE.


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  • The main difference between these systems is an absolutely automated control of all processes and exceptional efficiency for heating sanitary water.
  • An important feature of these solar water heaters is that the storage tank is installed separately from solar panels – collectors. Thus, it meets aesthetic requirements, because the storage tank can be installed in any more suitable place (cellar, basement, terrace, etc. …).
  • This system eliminates the possibility of freezing pipes in the winter. The electric ten and the SR81 digital programmer make this solar heater versatile. Enera-X, like all Enera systems, integrates easily with an already installed water heater.
  • The supporting structure of the heat-pipe solar collectors is designed for both flat and inclined surfaces.

Split Pressurized System

When the temperature of the heat collector reaches the set value, the controller shall start the circulation pump automatically.

The circulation pump makes heat-conducting liquid circulate automatically.

The heat-conducting liquir transfers heat to water by the heat exchanger in the water tank.

In case the temperature of the collector does not reach the set value, the circulation pump shall be shut automatically.

In case the temperature of the water tank does not reach T-max, then start the auxiliary heating device.


Solar split pressurized technology is an international up to date application technology of the solar water heater at present. Installation of a split pressurized water heater has become the main trend in European and American countries.

It uses solar energy. ENERA split solar system – a private hot water reservoir is specially designed for the villa.

It has a safe natural hot source that can provide a continuous hot water supply for the villa daily use. Its collector harmonizes with the villa appearance.

A split collector and tank system.

Optimal for any house in Spain and other countries, guaranteeing a hot water supply of 55°C throughout the year.

CPC Reflector

Maximum performance at minimum dimensions. The absorber is bigger than gross surface area. Three-dimensionally 360 degree shaped absorbers for the greatest possible energy collecting surface, utilized up to most of the diffuse and direct radiation from morning to evening.

SHC Fast Assembly CPC Heat Pipe Collector

Sunlight concentrators make the efficiency doubly increased.

Fast assembly CPC concentrators are more easy installation and transport.

360-degree sunlight absorber, hot water in cloudy.

Overheating protection just disassembly the CPC concentrators in summer.

Temperature startup is faster than the normal solar thermal collectors.

Applicable for the industry heating.

More thermal production based on the same aperture area.

EN12975/Solar Keymark.

English Installation Manual

Spanish Installation Manual


The power output is higher than 50% compared to the normal solar collectors. Smaller installation area but equal to the same power output.

Patented fast assembly CPC, flaky sheet, more convenient for the installation and transportation.