Privacy Policy of the web site owned by the company «IberSunWind s.l.», which can be accessed through the domain address

This document sets out the privacy policy of website (hereinafter SELLER), owned by the company «IberSunWind s.l.», registered in C / Viena, 8, 1-2 CP: 03503 Benidorm (Alicante), Spain, CIF B54715099.

This document describes what a BUYER, who is also a user of website, provides any personal information. Including by email, by phone, contact form. Information is available for registration on a site, as a user, or to place an order.

✔ Information for buyers of consent to the processing of personal data.

Requests for personal information to the SELLER, fill in forms that can be used to website, strictly comply with the applicable rules, as well as comply with the established Law 15 / 1999 on the protection of personal data and other legislation that inform buyers about what data will be included in a personal file for automated processing.

✔ The purpose of data.

SELLER collects and processes certain personal data that is provided by e-mail or phone, or provided by the BUYER in free form. This is to ensure that the SELLER had the opportunity to respond to the requests for information that can be sent with the purpose of purchase and to send coupon offers and promotions to all persons interested in our products. In any case, all data is collected and processed, only needed for the above purposes. IberSunWind s.l. no means collects data on the health of users or customers.

✔ Requirements for commissioning data.

Fields in a contact or registration forms marked with an asterisk * are required. If these fields are not filled, the consequence may be the inability to make a purchase or request the necessary information.

✔ The rights of access, rectification and annulation.

SELLER who provided personal information in various forms, has the right to full access, correction and cancellation of the provided information In any case, assures that undertakes to respect and abide by strict confidentiality in the collection and processing of personal data collected by website, provided by telephone or sent to the official email address All comments and suggestions are very important to improve our data protection system.

✔ Transfer of personal data.

SELLER shall inform the BUYER that the collected personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. The exception is the data transport companies for the delivery of goods to the buyer. Data transfer is performed in accordance with the legal relations assumed by the purchaser.

✔ Safety.

IberSunWind s.l. ensures absolute confidentiality and privacy of personal data collected from the BUYER. In consequence of that, the necessary safety measures have been taken to prevent the alteration, loss or unauthorized access to personal data. IberSunWind s.l. shall not be liable in case of any incidents that may arise in relation to personal data, such as burglary, assault or unauthorized access to our system, as well as in the case where it is not possible to prevent theft using security measures implemented or when it is due to the lack of security measures taken by the buyer, such as careless storage of passwords or personal information.

✔ Veracity of the data.

El COMPRADOR es responsable de la veracidad de sus datos, comprometiéndose a no introducir datos falsos y a proceder a la modificación de los mismos si fuera necesario bien solicitándolo directamente en or by accessing the private area from which you can modify the same.